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1Bɔ̃̌ nɔ̀mɔ̀ dyíin ɓá Jízɛ̀ Kɛ́ɖɛ́ì mɔ̀à Gèɖèpɔ́ɔ̀ Dyú-gààɔ̀ kɛɛ jè dyíɛɛ gbɔ-dè-dè kɛà kɛ̀.

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Máà 1:1
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There are approximately 200,000 Gola people in Liberia and about 10,000 in Sierra Leone. About 50% of the Gola are Muslims with a high growth rate, 10% are Christians, and 40% are traditional worshipers. 

The Catholic Church is one of the few churches well established in the Gola area and is helping the few Christians in the Gola region but they do not have any Scripture in the Gola language for evangelism.



1. To translate the English New Testament into the Gola language, for the Gola speaking people of Liberia.

2. To make the Gola NT available through the publication of printed and electronic copies.

3. To also help carry out Bible engagement programs such as literacy training that will help them read and understand God’s words.

4. To work with the local churches in creating program that will meet the economic needs of their congregations.

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You can be part of our ministry to help bring the word of God to the Gola people in their own language. Join us in prayer for this project and and our work in general. You can aid our project by translating one or more verses. Translation of each verse is estimated at 8 USD. Let’s do this!


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Mann Translation

The Mann people have a New Testament in their language and it has been well distributed since its publication. Many Mann-speaking people are Christians, mainly from the United Liberian Inland Church, the United Methodist Church, and the Roman Catholic Church. The Mann New Testament was completed in 1991. 

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Dan Translation

The Dan (Gio) people are located in the northeastern part of Liberia, bordering Côte d’Ivoire. There are approximately 320,000 Dan people in Liberia. According to the Joshua Project, 25% of the Dan speakers are Christians belonging primarily to United Inland, the Baptist, Methodist, Assembly of God and Pentecostal churches. 2% are Muslims and about 73% are involved in traditional religion.

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Bandi Translation

The Bandi people of Liberia are located mostly in Lofa County in the northwestern part of Liberia with an estimated population of 108,000 people. These people also are located in Guinea with a population of 13,000 people. About 80% of the Bandi follow their traditional religion, 10% are Muslims, and 10% are Christians (statistics from the Joshua project).

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